Merthyr Council Bullies

There is a lot of stuff currently in the media relating to bullying.

A lot of it is MISINFORMATION.

For example, Merthyr Council is promoting anti-bullying in schools. A very necessary and worthy cause.

However, I also wish to promote my own anti-bullying campaign. Not in schools, but in the hierarchy of Management at the Council.

The main perpetrator of this unjust behaviour is, in my opinion, the Council (so-called) Monitoring Officer. Carys Kennedy.

You may rightly ask why am I of this opinion.

Well let me explain.

My son, Chris Jones, WAS employed in a senior position as a HR Officer at the Council for some 15 years.

In July 2012 he was suspended – on full pay – from work by his line manager – the HR Manager, Mark Tuson.

He was prevented from working for a period of 18 months while investigations were undertaken into allegations made against him.

During this period an Investigation Report was drawn up and presented to Carys Kennedy for consideration on what action should be taken.

She decided that that a Disciplinary Hearing should be set up to consider this report.

All the details of this process are included in a separate blog which you can find on the link below.

The Hearing was held over a period of 7 days from March to May 2013. The decision reached was that a Final Written Warning be issued and that he should return to work on 27th June 2013.

A letter was then issued on 13th June 2013 stating that he could not return to work as further investigations needed to carried out.

He did eventually return to work in January 2014.

During this time he received a written apology from the Chief Executive Officer, Gareth Chapman, because the investigations had not been carried out in accordance with Council Policies and Procedures.

Some time later in 2014 Mark Tuson, HR Manager, ended his employment with the Council.

So, to recap, Carys Kennedy authorised the Disciplinary Hearing based on the Investigation report which found FIVE incidents of gross misconduct.

The original suspension was based on TWO allegations of misconduct.

The conclusions of the hearing were that three of the allegations be dismissed and that the other 2 allegations were not considered to be gross misconduct.

Why did Carys Kennedy authorise the investigation report for a Hearing when, as a solicitor, she should have been able, if she was so minded, to see the weaknesses in the investigation process?

The answer to that question is that she wanted to get rid of an honest HR Professional so that she could eventually move one of her cronies, another solicitor, Fran Donnelly into the post of HR Manager, having seen to the departures of two HR Managers, Mark Tuson and Lisa Jones to make way for FD. The only other obstacle in her way was Chris Jones. He wanted to work to the Council’s policies and procedures and within appropriate employment law. He would not work to the UNWRITTEN rules of CK.

So CK may have failed on this occasion, but she played the long game and waited for an opportune moment to arise to set her plan in action to get rid of the one employee that she could not coerce or control.

And lo and behold, that moment came, after having installed her crony into the position of HR Manager.

Fran Donnelly failed to take action when CJ informed her that the Chair of Governors of Ynysowen Primary schoolRosa Lazell – had ignored his HR advice to consider an independent investigation into an allegation made against the Head Teacher of mishandling a pupil.

This eventually led to CJ being suspended from work in June 2016 following a meeting with CK and FD.

See the following link to view the transcript of this meeting

A fabricated SOSR (some other substantial reason) investigation was set up.

Following another Disciplinary Hearing CJ was dismissed from his employment in January 2017.

CJ failed in his claim for unfair dismissal to an Employment Tribunal in May 2018 for reasons of insufficient evidence to support his claim based on discrimination and public interest disclosure.

However, the ET judge stated that had he claimed ordinary unfair dismissal his claim would have succeeded.

CJ contacted the Wales Audit Office to complain about the cover-up of the Safeguarding issue and also for not following the Whistleblowing Procedures.

The WAO Report on Whistleblowing Arrangements for Safeguarding was issued to the Council in August 2019. This report has still not been considered by any Council Committee.

Link to this report, with my comments and questions to be asked and answered can be found on the following link

The bottom line is that Carys Kennedy was the mastermind who made sure that CJ was unfairly dismissed.


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